Our main activity is waste collection, sorting and subsequent sending to companies specialised in material recycling.
Smaltimento rifiuti
Carrying out a demolition safely requires the best technologies, qualified personnel and a deep knowledge of demolition materials and methods.
Smaltimento rifiuti
Containers are the most effective solution for the storage of all types of waste, from generic everyday rubbish, of both individuals and companies, to the collection of solid or liquid industrial waste.
Noleggio container
Home waste
Vismara & CO. SA is a company organised as a large waste collection and sorting centre: collection at the customer's home or company and subsequent sorting into the different waste materials are therefore among our main activities.
Raccolta rifiuti
of Waste Materials
We give unused materials and objects an opportunity to find a new life. Collectors, artists and antiques-lovers can visit our warehouse looking for interesting objects in copper, metal and wood.
Vendita materiale di scarto
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