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100 years

the environment and the community

We are a large waste collection centre with a long tradition behind us. Our company has highly innovative means for waste disposal, vehicle scrapping and the demolition of oil depots, industrial sites and more.

With over 50 employees, ours is a company in continuous evolution with a very specific mission: to protect the environment with all the means at our disposal, in accordance with the latest industry regulations.

The numbers
of our success
An eco-friendly company
looking to the future

We give a second life to what others consider to be waste

The mission of sustainability is inherent in our nature: we have always been at the service of Municipalities for protecting and safeguarding the environment. We believe in an eco-sustainable future where human actions do not harm the environment but protect it, thanks to a more sustainable lifestyle.

This is why we invest in ecology: we use latest generation, more environmentally sustainable trucks, and we rent the roofs of our warehouses for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

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Vismara & CO Sa - Un'azienda ecologica
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