Industrial demolition
and scrapping of vehicles

Knowledge of materials for safe demolition

Carrying out a demolition safely requires the best technologies, qualified personnel and a deep knowledge of demolition materials and methods. This is to prevent accidents and finish the job efficiently.

Demolitions are always different from one another, with different ground conditions, different critical points for the materials treated: our team is ready to take action in every situation: disposal of oil deposits, underground boilers and disused company depots and sites.

When we receive a demolition request, we analyse the situation to identify the best execution strategy, following legal criteria in terms of safety and risk prevention.

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What can we

Every day we face new challenges in the field of demolitions; here are some of them!

Scrapping vehicles

We can dismantle cars, caravans and vehicles of all kinds, both at the customer's location for the more bulky vehicles, and at our company.

The following documents are necessary for car scrapping:

  • Swiss car: annulled grey card
  • Foreign car: documents relating to customs clearance at the Lugano customs office
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