Vismara & Co SA - Waste disposal and recycling of materials: delivery at the company’s facilities.

Waste disposal and recycling of materials: delivery at the facility

Vismara & Co. SA handles the collection of waste materials and items, their sorting and their subsequent transportation to companies that specialize in recycling materials.

Our company comprises a vast facility where our employees separate the refuse: unusable refuse is compacted and sent to an incinerator, whereas reusable refuse such as metal, paper and plastic is saved and subsequently used as second-hand material.

Moreover, Vismara & Co. SA has been authorized for the deposit and traffic of special refuse such as motor- and food oils, luminescent tubes, metal-vapour lamps, batteries and lead accumulators.

Industrial-refuse collection

The collection of industrial refuse calls for the services of a well-structured company that is dependable and certified, especially when it comes to special refuse. Vismara & Co. SA can take on industrial waste of every type and can collect it at the client’s facilities, abiding by a schedule and manner that are compatible with the client’s needs.

If you have materials that you want to deliver to our site, verify our opening hours and calculate the weight of the items/materials you intend to deliver before requesting a quote.
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Waste collection from private customers

We often need to get rid of bulky items like household appliances, old computers or automobiles. Vismara & Co. SA takes on every type of refuse, including bulky items. Be sure to set an appointment in order to allow for the smooth organization of the process by our company’s employees. Materials/items are collected from outside, not inside, buildings.

Disposal of electronic material and household appliances

The purchase price of electronic items such as computers, tablets, television sets or other household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners already includes the cost of disposal. Therefore, when you deliver your appliance to us you do not have to pay anything.

Scrapping cars and motorcycles

Scrapping automobiles, motorcycles and other types of motor vehicles is by appointment only and following the verification of documents, as required by law. Here is what is needed in order to scrap an automobile:  

  • Be in possession of the following documents:
    - Swiss-registered car: annulled registration sheet or commitment to have it annulled on the same day;
    - Foreign-registered car: authorization by the customs administration to have the car demolished.
  • Deliver the vehicle to our facility within opening hours or send in a request for collection at your door.

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Public-weighing services

Vismara & Co. SA offers public-weighing services to all citizens, companies and public agencies (3, 5, 50 and 70 tons).

Everyone is welcome to use the service by paying a tax (6.05 Swiss francs). The scales show the weight by means of an electronic display, thus ensuring maximum transparency.

General prices for metals and waste disposal

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Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions that are put to us.

  • How much does it cost to dispose of a car?

    It depends of the nationality of the automobile.

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  • What are the general prices of metals?

    Prices vary according to market fluctuations.

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