Vismara & Co SA - Waste-container rental: choose according to your specific needs.

Waste-container rental: choose according to your specific needs

Waste containers are the ideal solution for holding refuse of all types, from generic daily garbage (both from homes and companies) to solid or liquid industrial refuse. The practicality of this service is incomparable: a container that is emptied periodically, collected by Vismara & Co. SA and replaced with an empty container, with maximum efficiency and punctuality.

Waste-container rental service

Vismara & Co. SA provides a waste-container rental service that can be customized according to the client’s specific needs. It is necessary to decide on the type of material to be stored (as this will determine the type of container to rent) and to establish the space available for the handling of the containers. 

The emptying frequency can be customized according to the client’s specific needs.

Types of waste containers for rent

The various waste containers offered by Vismara & Co. SA vary in type and size according to the type and amount of material to be placed within.

Containers come in various shapes and sizes:

● “welaki” containers

   - 3 cubic metres

   - 6 cubic metres (with and without roof)

   - 7,5 cubic metres (open or open with rear-end door)

   - 10 cubic metres (with or without roof),

   - 12 cubic metres (without roof)

   - 12 cubic metres (with compactor)


● moving containers

   - 25 cubic metres (with or without roof)

   - 36 cubic metres (with or without roof)

● press containers

● watertight containers

● small box (with or without roof): 1 cubic metre

● EUR pallets and contours

Information regarding waste-container rental

Before you rent a container, you will need to verify a couple of things. First of all, you need to decide which type of material will be placed inside the container, and how much.

Next, you must select a suitable area for the collection of waste materials, verifying that there is enough space for trucks and for moving the containers.

Finally, you need to establish the duration of the rental and the emptying frequency (based on the amount of refuse produced).


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