Vismara & Co SA - At-your-door waste collection, with cranes or with container exchange.

At-your-door waste collection, with cranes or container exchange

The collection of waste materials at the client’s facility and their subsequent separation and sorting are Vismara & Co.’s main activities.

The company is structured so as to carry out efficiently and punctually the collection of city refuse, the collection of bulky items and the collection of industrial refuse.

Collection is provided on a phone-call basis, as in the instance of bulky refuse that is difficult to dispose of, or periodically according to the manner and frequency requested by the client.

Waste-collection for municipalities and companies

Vismara & Co. SA is structured as a large site for the collection of refuse and the sorting out of materials and/or items that may have a ‘second life’ (such as glass, metal and plastic) and special refuse, including radioactive refuse.

For municipalities and companies, we collect refuse, both common and uncommon.

Collection can be performed by means of: crane-equipped trucks, the emptying of rented waste containers, or the exchange of a filled-up container with an empty one.

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Collection of bulky refuse from private clients

If you cannot bring your bulky refuse to us, we can pick it up. At the time of booking, let us know what type of material needs to be collected, what amount, the location and the date.

Automobile scrappage

If you need to scrap your car but cannot bring it to our facilities, we will be glad to pick it up.

In this case, too, it will be necessary to book a pickup at your door or at any place you designate. Furthermore, you will need to be in possession of the documents that are necessary for the scrapping:


  • Swiss car: annulled grey card (carta grigia) → 50 Swiss francs + VAT
  • Foreign car: documents pertaining to customs clearance at Lugano’s customs facilities → 100 Swiss francs + VAT


Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions that are put to us.

  • How much does it cost to dispose of a car?

    It depends of the nationality of the automobile.

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  • What are the general prices of metals?

    Prices vary according to market fluctuations.

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