Vismara & Co SA - Industrial demolition and automobile demolition.

Industrial demolition and automobile demolition

Demolitions are the ‘crown jewel’ among the various services offered by Vismara & Co. SA. They call for the best available technology, qualified personnel that is always updated and, especially, the ability to adapt to every situation.

Each demolition is different, as are different the condition of the site and the different needs regarding the materials in question: Vismara & Co.’s team has almost 100 years of experience and is there to deal with every conceivable situation: disposal of oil depots, disposal of underground boilers, dismantling of sites fallen into disuse, etc.

Demolition of cisterns, underground boilers and industrial machinery

Our know-how makes it possible for us to enact an efficient, risk-free dismantling, even in critical conditions: we can dismantle underground boilers (piece by piece if necessary), airplanes that need to be scrapped, etc. – all the way to industrial machinery and cisterns. Our expertise efficiently allows us to dismantle entire industrial sites fallen into disuse, even in the presence of special types of waste.

You can book a demolition (book here) by carefully indicating the item to be dismantled and the type of material it is made of, together with the date and location.

Our technicians will get in touch with you and plan out the most efficacious strategy in order to move on to the demolition, strictly abiding by the law in terms of safety and risk-prevention. You can count on the professionality of Vismara & Co.’s team, which constantly faces new challenges in the area of industrial demolition.

Motor-vehicle scrapping

Whenever a private client needs to have a motor vehicle scrapped, Vismara & Co. SA provides demolition services that are fast and efficient.

We can dismantle automobiles, campers and every sort of motor vehicle, whether at the client’s premises whenever the vehicle is especially large or by collecting the vehicle or taking it in at our facilities.

The documents necessary for scrapping an automobile are the following:

  • Swiss car: annulled grey card (carta grigia) → 50 Swiss francs + VAT
  • Foreign car: documents pertaining to customs clearance at Lugano’s customs facilities → 100 Swiss francs + VAT


Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions that are put to us.

  • How much does it cost to dispose of a car?

    It depends of the nationality of the automobile.

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  • What are the general prices of metals?

    Prices vary according to market fluctuations.

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